Newfoundland Ladies

Who are the Newfoundland Ladies?

The Newfoundland ladies are a group of ladies that form part of our live in caregiver program. Some of our live in caregivers are from Newfoundland and some are from Nova Scotia. 

Our Newfoundland Ladies home care provides around the clock care for those clients in need. This live in program is ideally suited for a client who is sleeping through the night which allows the Newfoundland Ladies to rest while remaining in the home.

Ideally, our Newfoundland Ladies home care allows for two caregivers sharing a 2-week rotation in the home. Our live in caregivers will spend their days and sleep their nights in your home. You will have the comfort of consistency and the opportunity to build a wonderful relationship while providing much needed support in the home.

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“Your care providers sound so friendly, warm and helpful that you have instilled confidence in me that my Dad will be truly cared for with Always Homecare.”

- Janet

“How can I thank you and your team enough for the amazing service and care, I am speechless and eternally grateful. You always said yes no problem and the care providers were amazing!!!!!”

- Suzanne

“Our care provider was excellent, one of the best care providers I have ever had. She knew exactly what to do with no supervision. If there’s any time in the future one of my shifts need to be filled I would be more than happy to have her back.”

- Cliff M.

“Thank you for providing special care for Mom – she enjoyed each person who worked with her. The meals were wonderful! When I visited Mom during the week, I could see so clearly that she was happy and comfortable. Those are the most important things!”

- Flo

Hi first I wanted to tell you that you are a Great boss, and you have a wonderful team at Always Home!!!!!!. Believe me you are more than often right on the ball. For that I am very great full, you make the Home Care working experience better. Much thanks for all your hard work and going the extra mile for the clients and staff. 

-Tricia F.