Our clients and their families say it
best. We love to hear their stories,
and we’re proud to share them.

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“Homecare is the Lord's greatest gift since ice cream.”

- Peter

“Just wanted tell let you know how happy we are with the two care providers we have. They are both very good at self initiating duties. They will do all the things needed to deliver care without being asked. They interact with my dad. They try to find tasks and activities that engage him and give mother a rest. They are both very pleasant. My sister who spent the last week there said both of them seemed like part of the family. I just wanted to let you know we are very grateful for you arranging these two people. Staying at home for longer is now a very viable option. This is what the family wants. I would highly recommend Always Home Care for the work you have done matching the workers to my parents needs.”

- Sandy

“Your care providers sound so friendly, warm and helpful that you have instilled confidence in me that my Dad will be truly cared for with Always Homecare.”

- Janet

“How can I thank you and your team enough for the amazing service and care, I am speechless and eternally grateful. You always said yes no problem and the care providers were amazing!!!!!”

- Suzanne

“Many heartfelt thanks to the staff at Always Home Homecare. No words can describe what we owe to our care provider extraordinaire, for taking care of Max like a king for the last three years. You are truly a member of our family and have our everlasting love and gratitude.”

- The Family of Max G.

“This letter is a note of appreciation and thanks for the 2 12 years of exceptional care and support given to my friend Pearl M. Your company was recommended to me at a time when I was running out of steam after years of looking after my friend as best I could. Pearl was so happy in her home and she was lucky to have been there that long. A job well done by many, many people. My deepest gratitude and thanks for all that was done for Pearl. Truly a great organization.”

- Larry M.

“I wanted to say thank you for the positive experience my mom had for nearly four years.”

- Debbie N.

“The service Always Home Homecare provided was fabulous and I would highly recommend you to anyone. The staff who went to take care of my parents were just wonderful people.”

- Michael G.

“Our care provider was excellent, one of the best care providers I have ever had. She knew exactly what to do with no supervision. If there’s any time in the future one of my shifts need to be filled I would be more than happy to have her back.”

- Cliff M.

“I just wanted to pass on my admiration for the care provider who was looking after my Aunt during a trying and difficult time… She was kind and loving to her and worked very hard to understand her moods and to help her with her personal care. She worked tirelessly to maintain all the domestic chores that are required with looking after a person with dementia. She is an intelligent kind and caring person who I would highly recommend.”

- Paul M.

“On behalf of myself and my Aunt Ruth, I would very much like to thank you and your organization for the care provided for my Aunt this past spring and summer. Aunt Ruth went from being a very frail and needy individual to one with significantly better stamina and a much healthier disposition. To some extent this was due simply to the passage of time, but to a larger extent this was due to the excellent care that was provided to her. Both of the women who cared for Ruth did an admirable job. They were both very concerned about her physical and mental well-being. Thanks again for your organization’s help at this time.”

- Gord H.

“As an experienced geriatric social worker who has worked in Capital Health for over 20 years, I have been most impressed with Georgia both personally and professionally since the day I met her. Prior to starting her business, she did her research and interviewed potential stakeholders, did a needs assessment re: the services already available, what the gaps were and how she might strive to meet them. It was clear to me that she was not just opening a business for the sake of financial success but to provide quality service that would make a difference in the lives of her clients and families. Georgia always conducts herself in a very professional manner and her charismatic personality quickly engages you and puts you at ease - an important asset when working with patients and families who are in health care crisis. Georgia keeps very high standards of excellence which is evidenced in the quality of care providers and office staff she hires, many of whom I have met and have been most impressed with her. Her homecare office and Adult Day Centre are tastefully decorated, well maintained, immaculate and offer quality care and programs. Although it can be risky to try a new business, I placed my trust in Georgia and her agency to look after my patients and for the past three years I have not once been disappointed. Most impressive as well re: Georgia is her networking ability, even among her competitor agencies, as she recognizes the need for a cooperative effort of working together. Her colleagues quickly recognized this and she was voted co-chair of the NS Homecare Owners Association. She perceived a void in the system of quality socialrespite care programs and expanded her business to include the Adult Day Centre, another excellent program designed to offer structured social stimulation for the participant while providing much needed respite for the care provider. She quickly gained the confidence of Veteran’s Affairs Canada and became a trusted and registered care provider for them as well.”

- Carmen Johnstone-Chapman, MSWRSW, Social Worker, Geriatric Day Hospital, Capital Health

“The referral to Always Home Homecare was the best thing that ever happened to our family. Georgia came to our house and listened to what we thought we needed, our concerns about introducing a stranger to our house, and saw how we were as a family... It was like we had always known them. They were trustworthy, reliable and very caring of my mom. I could leave knowing that the Always Home staff was taking as good care of mom as if I was doing it myself. Their help enabled me to keep my mom in her own environment. Her quality of life was amazing and the care providers went out of their way to treat her as if she was their own family.”

- Kathy H.

“Thank you for providing special care for Mom – she enjoyed each person who worked with her. The meals were wonderful! When I visited Mom during the week, I could see so clearly that she was happy and comfortable. Those are the most important things!”

- Flo

“I have been meaning to drop you a note for some time, but after this week – I cannot delay any longer. I have to tell you how much your company and the wonderful people you have provided for my mother mean to me. Every day Mom’s face just lights up when [her care provider] arrives. Mom tells me every day after they leave just how wonderful they are to her and how much they fuss over her and take care of her. Tonight when I came home Mom and [her care provider] were chatting and giggling like little girls. They were having so much fun I was almost sorry I came home to interrupt it. Each of the ladies brings something special to our house. From exercises, to walks, to trips up and down the stairs with all the encouragement that I overhear – they bring variety to Mom and a huge sense of relief to me. I am so relaxed when I leave that I never think to call or to even worry. Several people have told me this week how relaxed I look. So a big THANK YOU!!!!!!! from the bottom of my heart to all the ladies (including you) who have become a part of our family. Every one of you has enriched our lives with your caring.”

- Kathy

“[Our care provider] showed compassion and was willing and able to perform all of the duties required of her. We are very satisfied with the services provided by the company and care providers and would highly recommend Mrs. Lloyd and her company Always Home Homecare.”

- Ms. Catherine M.