Healing at home has
many benefits, as long as
the appropriate level of
care is available.

Post Operative Care

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Post-Operative Home Care in Halifax,
Dartmouth, and Surrounding Areas.

Home Care isn't just for seniors. It’s the ideal care solution for you, post operation.

These days, hospital stays are short and countless procedures are done through out-patience. Often times, patients find they are being discharged before they feel ready to care for themselves, so we offer Post-Operative Care.

We offer as little or as much help as you need… when you need help the most. Post surgercal clients often feel vulnerable and disoriented; this is a time when you really need to know that someone is there to call on when you need help. We provide post-operative home care in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and elsewhere.

We can provide:

  • A lift to and from your procedure
  • Someone to stay with you for one (or a few days) or nights
  • Someone to prepare your meals, or simply, a cup of tea
  • Someone to help you with your personal needs when you are unable to help yourself
  • Someone to relieve you of the house keeping while you are recuperating
  • Someone to keep you company and make sure you are not alone
  • Simply, someone to take care of you at a time when you really need it.
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