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Eating Right at Any Age – Meal Prep for Self Care Month

Posted Jul 03, 2015

July plays host to International Self-Care day, which aims to promote and encourage self-care programs and healthy lifestyles for every individual. We value the idea of self-care so strongly, we decided to take that idea and practice it every day this month.

So what is self-care you may ask? Self-Care is the act of caring for ones-self. It could be as simple as brushing your teeth, combing your hair or going out for a walk. Anything that benefits your long-term health and wellness is the practice of self-care.

Self-care is an important topic in home care, as many of those who turn to assisted living are unable to perform varying levels of self-care. Some things that seem so easy to us in our young age can quickly become difficult as we begin to lose our dexterity, our vision, our motivation…the list goes on.

I can remember discussing meal prep options with a woman for her elderly father. She assured me how much her father loved a good home cooked meal, but was unable to stand for long periods. Instead of cooking, he opted for microwave meals 2-3 times daily. This woman was worried (rightly so) for her father’s nutritional health, and his abilities to perform self-care.

We were able to build a care plan, with a few meal preparation shifts weekly. Our care providers were able to prepare large hearty meals, which could spread over a few days upon re-heating. Her father was also able to eat fresh foods on these days our care providers were scheduled. Pressure was relieved from the family caregiver, and piece of mind was restored. She now knew her father’s ability to care for himself was restored with a little preparation.

Eating a nutritionally balanced diet is just one of the many ways we care for ourselves. Finding the time and the energy to care for ourselves seems to only decrease with age, and we tend to lean on others to compensate for this lost ability. Regaining your independence, without sacrificing your ability to perform self-care is only a phone call away.

Always Home Homecare offers a broad spectrum of self-care assistance options ranging from light house-keeping, to personal care, to 24hour home care. Each person’s needs are unique, and we honor that by creating custom care plans. Start with our free in-home assessment, and learn about services we offer in your area, today!

Schedule an assessment – Build a care plan, discuss options or just have tea, it’s up to you!