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Personal Care – Elderly Support for the Modest

Posted Jul 08, 2015

Aging can be tough on those of us with care routines. We slow our pace, things become misplaced, or we lack to strength to stand in a hot shower for long. Whatever the case may be, we notice our bodies changing over time. For seniors or the elderly among us, even the simplest pleasures – like having a tea in the tub – become too great an obstacle. So we make sacrifices, to avoid injury and “not make a fuss”.

We’ve heard these stories countless times in the Halifax/Dartmouth community. Mom is unwilling to ask for help dressing, or Dad is uncomfortable asking for a hand in the tub. We get it! Personal care, from grooming to bathing, is an area not many of us feel comfortable asking for help. Even more so for a generation who grew up modest.

We’re focusing on self-care this month for that very reason. We want to get rid of the stigma, and start these conversations. We have them every day in private; arranging home care for elderly clients. But we want to let those know (who don’t already know) that these conversations are happening. Yes, it is normal that your parents need help dressing. Yes, it is not too much to ask that we comb Dad’s hair the way he likes. At Always Home Homecare, we understand.

personal care
Assisted grooming is just one of the many services encompassed in our personal care services. Inquire today.

Our caregivers are trained, respectful individuals with a knack for people pleasing. After our initial free-assessment, a Care Plan is created given the wants and needs of the client and their family. Our in-office care coordinators compile this information into a Care Plan package, which is read and discussed with your caregiver. Our caregivers are prepared for care at the first shift, and take notes along the way to mark progress or changes to the Care Plan.

Let us take the weight off of you, and your family. Not every daughter is capable of helping Dad shower, or get dressed. Families are meant to provide comfort and support to each other in times of need, but home care is meant to provide comfort and support to families in times of need. Let us help!

So, remove the taboo of home support and all that it entails. After all, aren’t we all striving for healthy, dignified lifestyles? Why should this conversation get more difficult with age? Home care is the new age way to age at home gracefully, making every act of self-care within reach.

If you’d like to learn more about what our personal care services can do for you, follow this LINK.

If you’d like to schedule your free-assessment, and begin building a Care Plan for you or your elderly loved one, follow this LINK.