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Nova Scotia Seniors – The Sound of Music

Posted Jan 24, 2017

Music just seems to make everything better. Exercise, painting the living room and even cleaning out the garage seem to move along at a not too painful pace when our favourite tunes are blasting.

Music drives the themes of movies… one little twist of a note can change a cheerful moment to a scary moment and we all cover our eyes.

We can sing our hearts out to our favourite songs (especially when no one else is there to hear) and we feel better – even if we were feeling blue before.

Music affects the soul, which is why it is no surprise that music therapy has become a very important part of care and communication for those who have issues with depression or social interaction.

When it comes to seniors it can help with boredom, calming nerves and even motivating them to movement. It’s been discovered that even minimal movements, clapping or toe-tapping can release pent up stresses, both physical and mental. If able to dance, well there is some wonderful exercise. Being swept up in the music can also lower blood pressure and stimulate your organs.

There is a reason why we sing a lullaby to our children at bed time – it calms and soothes them – readies them for a good night’s sleep. Slow and peaceful music can have the same calming affect for anyone but often seniors, who can become lost in their own thoughts and worries, will come out and join in simply by listening to music.

Memories are certainly stimulated by music we recognize from different eras of our lives. Great times, hard times, and those we have loved or lost all come rushing back to us when the right song comes on. It can make us laugh or make us cry, both constructive emotions that we all need to feel from time to time – just to let us know that we are still here and enjoying life.

When it comes to depression and/or negative thinking, music has been shown to gradually shift negative thinking patterns to positive ones, making new patterns that can be life-altering for those who have suffered for years wondering why they have such a hard time being happy.

The Canadian Association for Musical Therapy can tell you what it’s all about and Heartsparks Musical Therapy is one spot to hit, if you are interested in organizing a sessions for yourself or a loved one.