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Who the Heck are the Newfoundland Ladies and Where Can I Get One for Homecare?

Posted Feb 24, 2015

Always Home Homecare started hiring live in care providers from Newfoundland almost from their inception. These Newfoundland ladies “commuted”, often on rough seas, to stay for two weeks at a time in order to provide homecare to those who needed round the clock care. It is an affordable alternative to clients who wish to keep their loved ones in their homes longer when they need someone around 24/7. On top of that, it gives a real level of consistency and comfort to have the same two ladies on rotation – they really become part of the family.

They do all the housekeeping, laundry, prepare the meals and help with personal care, among other things. The companionship aspect is huge and our seniors feel safer when someone else in the house, even just to sit and watch the television with them, play a game of crib and/or fix them a cup tea. It is especially important at night when they fear having to get up in the dark for some reason and falling with no one there for them.

When asked about the training that these ladies have, my response is usually to say that they have been trained in life! While we do have a roster of CCAs, LPNs & RNs, they will usually not do live-in. Our Newfoundland ladies are considered “4th level”  homemakers –  most do not have formal training but many, many years of experience in looking after seniors. We have discovered that this also proves to be a valuable form of training. Always Home is very diligent when it comes to checking references and no employee is ever put to work until a Criminal Reference Check is completed. We are also bonded and take homecare very seriously. We play a very hands-on role with our clients and our workers and feel that as long as we treat our workers with kindness and respect, it will naturally filter down to our clients

Over the years, the live-in home care piece has evolved to include Nova Scotian care providers as well. When using local care providers, the rotations can be shorter – four days on and four days off, which eliminates the need for respite shifts that are required during the longer rotations. It also reduces the travel costs.

There are a few conditions that are required in order for live-in care to be viable. If you are considering live-in elder care for a loved one, a free on-site assessment must be performed so that Always Home can see that all conditions are in place. It also allows us to get any and all information that we need in order to put care in place and start filling the rotations.

Contact us and we can get started with that free assessment.