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Making Your Home Age-Proof

Posted Nov 04, 2015

make home age-proofAs more Halifax seniors are wanting to stay in their homes, it’s becoming more and more important to help seniors age-proof their homes.

Always Home provides care for a number of seniors living in the community and do our best to help individuals stay in their homes for as long as possible. Many seniors find that as we age in the home that we bought to grow old in, we may find that it may no longer be the home best suited to our needs.

Canadian Senior Years provides a number of articles relevant to seniors, one of which (How to Age-Proof Your Home), provides a number of suggestions to make your home suitable for the golden years.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Having a small and compact kitchen that reduces the distance between utilities and appliances
  • Decreasing opportunities for slipping/tripping by removing high doorway thresholds and installing shelters over entryways to protect outside steps from rain, etc.
  • Keeping hallways clear of chairs, tables, and other items that you could catch your foot/leg on and trip.
  • Putting grab bars in the bathroom along with a bench in the tub/shower to prevent a slip and fall
  • A low-pitch telephone ring and doorbell make it easier to hear and also provide a longer ring, giving a person more time to get to the phone.