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The Always Home Homecare Advantage – Local Homecare

Posted Jun 06, 2015

As the world increases in population, the need for social services rises with it. When the need outweighs the available services, existing companies will expand and grow to accommodate. Their intentions are pure, but let’s face it, bigger is not always better.

Always Home Homecare is a local homecare company, was launched in 2006, by Georgia Lloyd, who grew up in Nova Scotia. She saw the need around her, and wanted to make a difference in the lives of our veterans, our neighbours and fellow Nova Scotians alike. The company’s beginning was humble, servicing a select few seniors in the Halifax/Dartmouth regions. As the need increased, so did the serviced areas, but that neighbourly instinct was never lost.

Speaking with Georgia today, it is easy to see why this is. She maintains the same values, as she did from day one. “Our goal is to ensure that nobody in Nova Scotia goes without care,” she says, “I want people to understand that we are a local company, servicing our neighbours and veterans, and our roots are here in the Maritimes. Our care, and experiences were shaped by the need and the people around us.”

This is the Always Home Homecare advantage – a local company, servicing local needs. The relationship just works, and we’re happy to share why we think this is.

Local Ownership – Always Home Homecare was started by a woman who grew up in the Maritimes. Of Acadian decent, Georgia has seen this province through many years of struggle, prosperity and everything in between. She has a pension for caring, and the ability to see this trait in others. She surrounds herself with like-minded individuals, most of whom are from Nova Scotia as well. Employees and participants at Always Home Homecare share this neighbourly instinct, and have been shaped by the province in which they live. From Lunenburg, to Cape Breton, all the way to Newfoundland, Always Home Homecare is a small Maritime company geared towards helping other Maritimers, and it shows.

Continuing Care – Our company understands the importance of consistency and continuity in care giving. There are many ways we go about achieving this. Custom care plans are created for new clients, and used to find that “just right” care provider. Our caregivers are sociable, trustworthy individuals aiming to bring a little fun and a lot of comfort into our client’s lives. Introducing new people into your senior’s life can be a stressful change, but it does not have to be. Continuing care is part of our mission, and creates an empowering relationship between our clients and caregivers. Finding the personality type that fits best in your home, after assessing your senior’s unique needs is how lasting friendships and rewarding relationships start.

Staying Private – Always Home Homecare has had the benefit of providing both public and private homecare, and concluded that private homecare is a much more rewarding experience. It’s evident that both are important, as the need for home care is at an all time high right now in Nova Scotia. But one alone cannot completely fill the demand, and private home care offers something a little different. In a public contract, a caregiver may see 3-4 people in 1 day, while a private caregiver may only see 1-2. Private caregivers are not stretched to their limit, and can focus on giving the best care to each individual in need.

Supporting Nova Scotia’s Economy – It’s true that by supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting the local economy. This fact is most important today as a company’s headquarters’ can be located half way across the world from the store front we buy from. Supporting your local economy means investing money in your community, and increasing each other’s livelihood. Investing in local company’s and businesses is a chance to indirectly pay it forward. Always Home Homecare supports local initiatives, funds innovative ideas, and participates in community events. By choosing local homecare, you are also choosing to support the neighbouring businesses and people that strive to create a better Nova Scotia for seniors and veterans.


Give us a call to discuss your options today. We have in-office care coordinators on duty to answer your call, and help find a plan that works best for you.