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How Private Home Care Can Support Your Continuing Care

Posted Sep 03, 2015

Realizing that you need support for your parents is not always easy, but it is a place to start. With the release of the Continuing Care Strategy spanning over the next 10 years there will be many changes occurring in the public health sector of Nova Scotia. Public health care is a valuable support system for many Nova Scotian’s, including our veterans.

We all know what it’s like waiting in line at the doctor’s office, without reservation. We are lucky to have a public health care system in place, but the wait times and response times can be lengthy to say the least. This is no fault of the government, or those who need the care. With the need for care services rising and the roll-out of this new strategy down the line… This is where the need for private home care arises, as a support system for public home care.

When you’re finally ready to make the call, there is a process that must occur. You ring Continuing Care to meet with a Care Coordinator, and schedule an in-home assessment. This meeting can be scheduled a few weeks away, and once it occurs, care may take another few days or weeks to begin depending on urgency. These wait times fluctuate over time, but sometimes you can’t wait.

Private home care gives you that piece of mind. Instead of worrying about who can stay with Mom for two weeks before the assessment… you’ve got Beth and Renee helping out until you get the call! With Always Home Homecare there are no long-term contracts. It’s as easy as calling us for a quick assessment, scheduled on your time, and getting the care in place when you need it most.

And when you do get the call, who’s to say that the support ends there. Sometimes you can’t secure all the hours you think your parents need through the public system. Why not keep around another familiar face in between the public home care hours, and use your private home care hours for respite (TLC time). So when you need a break from cleaning, errands and preparing meals – call Beth in for a few hours for that piece of mind.

Remember, Always Home Homecare expects no long-term contracts. We work with your needs, to provide the continuing care you need when you need it. Our cancellation policy has a 24-hour window if circumstances change, or more hours are allotted.

Both private and public home care systems are in place to help our sick and aging population lead normal and comfortable lives. In order to help a greater number of Nova Scotian’s, we must all work together as a dynamic health team. Always Home Homecare will continue to do its part, and supporting the public health care system is just one way.