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Homecare Is Not Just for Seniors

Posted Dec 22, 2015

testingGuess what?! Homecare is not only for seniors! In this age of families where Mom and Dad are working, times have had to change. This is often what busy schedules produce:

  • Sunday shopping because Mom works and does not have time to run to the stores through the week
  • Take-out meals because by the time you get home you feel run off your feet and need a break
  • Fast trips made to the grocery store to buy convenient
  • Pre-prepared meals that aren’t quite as good as coming home to a warm, freshly prepared supper with real mashed potatoes… gravy anyone?

It’s time we re-thought some options. Perhaps have someone in who can do a little tidying up, do the laundry, prepare a meal, clean up the dishes and wipe down the counters. It would help to reduce our stress levels. Walk in the door, freshen up, have a drink and sit down to dinner and then move straight into the living room for some relaxation, all the while knowing that “it” is handled. Wow!

Treat yourself to some homecare support once or twice a week – think of how much healing of the week’s hectic craziness this would make in your life. I think we’d all live a little longer.