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Home Care in Nova Scotia – Service Lingo

Posted Mar 06, 2014

Sometimes understanding all of the home care lingo can be difficult. There are so many different terms used and it can be hard to distinguish one service from the next. Knowing what you want is one thing, but knowing what is out there is another. Always Home Homecare aims to spell out just SOME of our services – so that those looking for home care in Nova Scotia will have an easier time deciding which services are right for them. Here are just 5 of the popular services we offer. You can find a complete listing of our services on the Service Tab located on the menu bar.

Personal Care Services – Personal care services include all aspects of self-care, from toileting, bathing, dressing, to grooming. If your loved one requires complete or partial assistance with any aspect of personal care (even if it’s just for transfers) personal care services can help. Maintaining independence is what home care is all about. Trained individuals will work with both the clients’ comfort and independence level to gauge functioning capabilities. Even if this means prompting self care. Personal care services aid those who wish to remain independent in their homes with self-care.

Light-Housekeeping Services – Light housekeeping services cover certain aspects of home maintenance, such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, emptying the garbage and compost, sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes as our loved ones age, seemingly simple tasks can become time consuming or difficult – but that does not mean the safety and cleanliness of their environment should be compromised. Three hours a week of light housekeeping (or sometimes every other week) can make a big difference in the look and feel of a home.

Meal Preparation Services – Meal prep services are great for those who find themselves a little less independent in the kitchen. Inability to stand for extended periods, or weakened dexterity in the hands can make preparing nutritional meals a difficult task. We often see many seniors with limited mobility and weakened strength opt for unhealthy, out-of-the-box meals due to the fast and easy nature of the meal. We at Always Home Homecare believe a healthy lifestyle should never be compromised, especially as we age. Meal preparation services aid in the creation of nutritious meals for one or more meals per day. Often times our home support workers will prepare large meals for the week if instructed. Meal preparation services are a benefit to those looking to maintain a nutritionally appropriate diet as they age.

Respite Care Services – Respite care means short term, temporary relief to those caring for an individual who requires constant supervision or guidance. Respite care services can encompass lots of different aspects of care, many of which we’ve gone over today. Just think of these services as a means of support to the (or one of the) primary caregivers. Home support workers can prepare meals, assist with the duties related to self-care, perform light housekeeping, provide companionship – anything that might relieve a family member or caregiver from the stress of their usual duties. Respite can be provided while the family member is away from the home (say at work) or while the family member is at home with their loved one. Respite services mean relief!

Sitter Services – Sitter services are mainly provided to someone in hospital. They provide companionship to fight off boredom, feelings of loneliness, or provide relief to a family member who wishes to maintain that one-on-one attention for their loved one, even in hospital. Sitting services are non-medical, but provide many different social aspects of hospital stays that can be lost in the bustle. Sitter services mean companionship and monitoring while in hospital.

Now that you’ve read a brief overview of some of the services that Always Home Homecare provides, do you know someone who could benefit from these services? Share this blog with someone you know – who knows they might just thank you for it!

If you wish to discuss any of these services in greater detail, please give us a call or let’s arrange a conversation over tea!