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Celebrating Holidays with Seniors

Posted Dec 01, 2015

holiday-traditionsThe holidays can be busy, stressful, fun and overwhelming, but they’re also a great time to enjoy visiting with your loved ones. If you’ll be celebrating your holidays with your elderly relatives, there are lots of ways to help them enjoy the celebrations as much as the younger family members. Here are some tips for celebrating the holidays with seniors.

Keep to traditions

It’s great for the entire family if you can keep up with some family traditions throughout the years. Family traditions help keep the past alive and allow your senior relatives to share some of their knowledge and love with the younger generations in the family. Prepare your elderly relative’s favorite holiday foods or ask them to help you make a special dish for the festivities. If caroling is one of your family’s favorite traditions, but your relative isn’t mobile, enjoy a sing-along at home. Just keeping these traditions alive will be meaningful to your entire family, not just your elderly loved ones.

Respect their physical limitations

Mom may not be able to cook as much as she used to, and Dad may be ready for bed by nine at night. Being older changes the way we do things, but that doesn’t mean your older relatives can’t do many of the same things they’ve always done; they may just tire more quickly or prefer to have more quiet celebrations.

Of course, some elderly family members may be able to out-dance you, cook the entire meal for the family and still have enough energy for a rousing round of karaoke. The key to a truly enjoyable family celebration for your elderly loved one is for you to know and respect their physical limitations. It’s not fun dealing with the aftermath of ‘overdoing it,’ so let your senior relatives set the pace for the festivities.

Remember, the holidays are a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes the best way to celebrate with your senior relatives is to simply be with them and show them how much you really care.