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Victory Over Resistance, With Personal Assistants

Posted Sep 28, 2017

homecare in halifaxIt’s raining. You are on your way to work, in a long line of construction jammed traffic, when your cell phone rings. You pull over, dig through your bag, and see that it’s your mother’s caregiver. Anxiety darts out your brightly lit mobile and into your forehead. This is the seventh call this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

“Hello Mrs. Smith, your mom is refusing to let me in again, said she doesn’t need home care.”

Sigh. You know she needs the care. You have watched her forget her pills, watched her lose her balance, seen the burnt pots on the stove, and the spoiled food in the fridge.

But, she is completely against home care. Home care is something needed by “people much older than her who can’t take care of themselves”, but not her.

You’ve gone through dozens of staff – and the results are always the same. But, what if home care was her idea?

What if instead of having a Homecare Worker, she has a Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistant Always Home HomecareSomeone to assist her with the things she wants – not the things she doesn’t need.

While she thinks she is training her Personal Assistant to do the things she wants, her Personal Assistant can also get away with doing the things she doesn’t think she needs; the perfect cup of tea, a guest ready home, taking notes, appointment making, and gentle medication reminders.

If you think your loved one could benefit from their very own Personal Assistant, and even like the idea – contact us for more information.

Let’s Find the Perfect Personal Assistant!