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Tips for Helping Seniors Prevent Falls

Posted Oct 06, 2015

Help_Seniors_Prevent_FallsFalling as a senior can have some very serious consequences. A broken hip is more than just a painful event. Only one in four seniors fully recovers from a broken hip and one in four die as a result of one.

Depending on the type of fracture that occurs, blood flow can be disrupted, which is often the main reason as to why these fractures don’t heal properly.

The other issues are the immobility that comes with a broken hip. Because the senior is on bed rest, this can cause them to get pneumonia and if they have trouble using a bedpan (and many of us do) they will be catheterized which can lead to bladder infections and a host of other issues. In the elderly, the pain from such an event can cause confusion as well.

After recovery, often times, the formerly active senior finds that he/she simply cannot be as active anymore because there is always lingering pain after an injury such as this.

Dizziness and illness can serve as reasons for a fall but most falls happen as a result of accidents.

Prevention becomes the word of the day. Some tips would be:

  • Do not stand immediately after waking – sit on the edge of the bed for a few minutes first
  • Make sure there is no clutter on the floor
  • Remove scatter rugs as they are a danger for slipping
  • Stair runners need to be properly fastened
  • Make sure that shoes/slippers have a proper tread to avoid slipping

Also, please be sure that if your loved one is living alone, they have a Life-line bracelet or necklace where if they have a fall they can push a button for help to arrive.

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