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Spotlighting Veterans

Posted Nov 01, 2017

Our children live in the world as it is today, because of the bravery and sacrifice of so many men and women. At Always Home Homecare, we are lucky enough to know some of them.

home care for veterans

Andrew Bourque with Home Care worker, Pam Hillyard.

Mr. Andy Bourque, seen here with his caregiver, Pam. In 1941, Andrew Bourque joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and worked on the Catalinas seaplane. He was stationed throughout various places in Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia for the next few years. He worked on the amphibious aircraft attaching wheels that could land the plane, and also retract to land on water. He spent some time serving in Iceland, Scotland, and France. In 1959 he was stationed in Halifax NS, RCAF Maritime Air Command working in Search and Rescue.

The rest of his RCAF career was administrative. In 1970 he received an honourable discharge while stationed in Bagotville, Quebec as Chief Warrant Officer. Andy says that these were the best years of his life, and he absolutely loved serving his country.

homecare for veterans

Luc Rollin

Mr. Luc Rollin was stationed in Halifax and Lauzon, Quebec.  Most of his travel in the military took place on ships and submarines voyaging to Scotland, England, USA, Bahamas, and Bermuda, where he served as Chief Electrician. He traveled through Europe; Germany, France, etc with the final years being spent at CFB Stadacona, Halifax, instructing electricians who would eventually work on submarines.

He enjoyed working on subs with his mates. They were a tight knit group, well trained to react accordingly in dangerous and emergency situations. They relied on each other for the safety of their lives.

He is very grateful for the time he spent in service, and his family’s support when he would often be deployed for long periods of time.

home care for veterans

Bottom Center: Darrel MacDonald. Top left to right: Sergeant Norm Drake, Sergeant Dave Hutchings, Master Corporal Blair Skinner.

Mr. Darrel MacDonald took the Oath of Allegiance to the Federal Government and the Queen as a representative for the Canadian Armed Forces on May 1st, 1997. He signed up as a Reserve Infantry Soldier and served officially for three years.

On the morning of August 29th 1998 during his first unit military training exercise for the 1998/1999 training year, Darrel suffered a career ending spinal injury while at CFB Base Aldershot in Kentville, Nova Scotia. He spent over eight months recovering with great assistance from the military and Veterans Affairs Canada. Members of all ranks visited regularly, which was an incredible boost to his spirit and recovery.

During the Anniversary Regiment Ball in the year 2000, he was promoted to Corporal. On May 31, 2000 he was medically discharged.

Since then, Mr. MacDonald has invested much of his time to veterans and community causes – he spearheaded the naming of the first transit ferry, the Christopher Stannix, provided transportation for local video production crews, portrayed background ‘wheelchair characters’ for TV series Mr.Dee and Haven, and raised awareness for accessible parking inadequacies in HRM.

homecare for veterans

William Pochereva with Home Care worker, Kelly Herd.

Dr. Bill, as his friends and family call him, seen here with one of his caregivers, Kelly, served as a Pathfinder Navigator for the RCAF. It was his job to locate and mark targets with flares.

The first plane he learned to fly was a Biplane (DeHavilland Moth), he then flew several different types of aircraft including the Mosquito for the RAF.

After leaving the RCAF, he worked for Spartan Air Services doing aerial surveying of Northern Canada. He went to medical school  at McGill University where he earned a Doctor of Medicine. He worked in many hospitals, and became Chief Surgeon before retiring.

Today, 97-year-old Dr. William Pochereva spends his down time with his caregivers, Kelly and Jo-Anne, strolling through Berwick, and meeting friends for coffee.

Learn more about our services for veterans here.


*All photos submitted by clients themselves, or taken by Always Home Homecare staff.