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Recognizing Elder Abuse

Posted Oct 13, 2015

Elder abuse is a very real issue and it can happen within families regardless of age, gender or financial situation. It can also occur with parties outside of the family, scam artists, sales people, etc.

Elders are often seen as particularly vulnerable because often they are more shut in and therefore accepting attention from anyone or they are suffering with memory issues and clouded judgment when it some to who they can trust.

Elder abuse takes many forms: physical/sexual, psychological/emotional, financial and through neglect.

Physical abuse often involves hitting, shoving, burning and unwanted sexual activity.

When it comes to psychological abuse, this can involve screaming at, insulting, verbally controlling behavior.

We all know about family members who try and get Mom and/or Dad to pay their mortgage, sign over monies, help them out of a jam while Mom & Dad are not clear on what is happening. They are usually all too willing to “help”, all the while draining their own funds that were in place to see to them in their old age.

Then, there is neglect – never visiting, not seeing to the basic care (groceries, meds, doctor appointments) and showing absolutely no interest in how Mom or Dad is doing.

Sadly, elder abuse is an all too common occurrence and if you know it is going on, please do not hesitate to report it to the Adult Protection Agency.