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NS Seniors: Pet Ownership

Posted Feb 20, 2017

Pet ownership can be a very long term commitment, but the benefits of pet ownership can far outweigh the responsibilities as they grow to be a beloved family member and one which you cannot imagine how you got along without until now.

When you rescue an animal from a shelter and bring it to a forever home (your home), you save a life. In turn, the animal can save yours (emotionally and sometimes physically). Must watch video of how Peety saved Eric’s life. Tissues will be necessary.

Aside from the unconditional love that your animals give you, there are actual medical benefits derived from having animals in the home:

  •           Having multiple animals can actually decrease the chances of allergies by half.
  •           Owning a pet encourages nurturing instincts in children
  •           They decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels – just because you love them
  •           Dogs will take you for a walk or a run – get you out and about

Animals help us beat the blues and reduce loneliness, bring us joy, especially for the elderly and those who are sick.

There is a reason why animal videos are always going viral on internet media sites. Watching them brings us joy, even if we’re feeling down.

Many hospitals and nursing homes recognize the difference an animal can have on residents and programs using Pet Therapy are included as part of the health care plan.

Riding therapy is a huge benefit for adults and children with challenges. There is something about horses that can change your mood and give you enormous confidence. They’re really really big and if you can get them to listen to you – well, how empowering is that?!

Every animal has its’ own personality, just as we do, and this should play an important role in how you choose your new companion. Take your time and allow yourself the pleasure of bonding with a forever companion that will love you no matter what you look like, sound like or smell like. He / she will love you totally and unconditionally.