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Nova Scotia Seniors – Time to Winterize

Posted Sep 26, 2016

29winter2Fall is upon us and even though we’ve still had unseasonably warm weather for late September there is no denying that Winter is just around the corner.

There are many things we can do in Fall to help us be prepared for the Winter, check out our list below to get yourself and your house ready.




  • Get a flu shot – this is especially important for children, pregnant women, seniors, and anyone with a compromised immune system
  • Pack away Summer and Spring clothing and take out Fall and Winter items such as sweaters, hats, gloves and coats
  • Meal plan: do you make preserves? Make bulk freezer meals of stews and soups? Starting preparation for this in Fall can make things much easier on a snowy day where you can’t get to the store

The Garden:

  • Pull dead leaves/foliage from perennials
  • Cut back stems to soil level, leaving seed heads for Spring
  • After ground freezes, spread 6 inch layer of mulch over the top
  • Mulch bulbs with evergreen bows to help prevent them from heaving from the ground
  • Shade evergreen shrubs with Burlap screens
  • Protect young trees from animals by wrapping with chicken wire or commercial screens

The House:

  • Fill oil tank and stock up on wood & kindling
  • Clean wood stove of ashes and clean chimney (every 2 years)
  • Have a professional change filters and check your heating system
  • Seal drafty windows – caulk the cracks and/or use thin plastic film and a hairdryer to help keep heating bills down
  • When leaves have finished falling, clean out the gutters so that no clogs will cause water to form against the foundation
  • Ready the shovels and/or snow blower (filled with gas, etc)
  • Pad your pipes (exposed pipes in non-heated areas can freeze and cause huge problems) Tubular pads are cheap, damage is not. Pick some up and put them on your pipes
  • Be sure attic is properly insulated to prevent ice dams on roof that can cause leaks inside the house
  • Check roof for missing shingles – missing shingles can be replaced in most cases as long as whole roof does not need replacement
  • Drain exterior water pipes
  • Re-organize the garage: Hedge trimmers and lawn mower to the back – Snow blower, skis, sleds and shovels to the front. Don’t forget the salt.

Emergency Preparation:

  • Prepare for the storm: Have an emergency kit on hand – Flashlight (fresh batteries), candles, matches, warm clothes, blankets, battery powered radio, non-perishable food, plenty of water, pet food, medical kit (including medications, etc) – at least three days of supplies. Here is the government site on preparing for storms – the idea is preparation so go on and check it out before the storm hits and you lose power.

So… Get out there and enjoy what should be the last few weeks of warmer weather and be prepared for our fantastic Winter. Weather is always a phenomenon in Nova Scotia – have fun and stay warm!