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Nova Scotia Seniors – The Importance of Playing

Posted Oct 21, 2016

What is it George Bernard Shaw once said?  “It’s a pity that youth is wasted on the young!”.

Why is it that when we grow out of our childhoods, we no longer play? It has become well known now, that play is extremely important for adults too – we have always known it for children but we seem to “grow” out of it once we reach adulthood. Nay Nay!!

Make time for it… it’s important. Play helps us maintain our social well-being. Board games can do this – monopoly, chess, cards, among others. Sporting leagues or playing paintball in the woods and pinball in the arcades. Not just after-work but for team-building exercises in the office as well. Playing is how we connect with others.

Play also helps strengthen our abilities. Puzzles are known to help sharpen our minds and stave off Dementia. Every time you play scrabble and get a triple word score (maybe using all seven letters), it lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.

It’s also important for adults to just plain be silly for the sake of it. Make a snow angel, toboggan into a hay bale, play hide and seek with the kids (or your friends), ride a roller coaster and scream like a little girl (guys too… we all heard you screaming).

Playing takes us out of our lives with all the stresses and the obligations therein and just allows us a recess. The simple act of taking your mind off an issue for a brief period of time always helps us resolve a particular problem we’ve been focused on prior. It’s quite amazing how much clarity we can gain through play.

Playing also includes hobbies such as painting, sculpting, building wooden ships out of toothpicks… or whatever. It doesn’t matter what it is – make time for it and you will be surprised how much it will lift your mood.

Learn how to fiddle or play the banjo. Once involved in playing music, it becomes impossible to give it up. Once you join a band or quartet… well soon enough you’ll be playing jam sessions and your own gigs.  It is amazing how much music can transform your life as well.

It is impossible to be depressed when you’re playing… doing the thing you love the most. Play has the residual effect of… well, happiness and a general sense of well being. A win – win situation.

So…Laugh, scream, create or demolish – whatever floats your boat (water skiing and sailing count as playing too, by the way).

This site continues the theme and furthers the insight into play for adults.

The important thing is… Get out there and have some fun!