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Nova Scotia Seniors – Social Media Mania!

Posted Aug 12, 2016

Blog23-SocMedia OMG! Y R U not on FB?! Lol J. Translation: Oh my God! Why are you not on Facebook ? Laugh out loud!

Social media can be such a great tool for communication, especially for those who may be house bound and unable to readily visit friends or family, and it is a necessity when trying to communicate with your younger, tech savvy grandchildren!

The days of sticking close by the phone on the wall (usually in the kitchen) to speak to your friends and family are over, and with the help of a smart phone, tablet or computer you can stay in touch from anywhere!

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, email or Skype (or one of the hundreds of other social media sites!) – you can shop online, watch TV online, find friends online and see the world online… all from your living room or your bed or the park bench while feeding the birds.

Blog23-SocMediaFacesIn all seriousness, these are fantastic for instant communications and, in the case of business transactions, it can also be proof that you had messaged someone with specific requests. That being said, for most of us, it keeps us in touch with family and friends and when they live away, we can even speak to them face to face (sort of).

It is easy to open an account on the sites you choose. Now, when we visit grandma or grandpa in the seniors’ residence, we often find them on the computer “chatting” with someone, receiving photos and videos of special moments that they would otherwise have missed…. it’s all in real time too. If you have trouble linking in, please ask someone to help you – it opens up the world to you.

While it seems that we need to unplug a little more these days, don’t let it stop you from hooking in and visiting with loved ones. It decreases isolation and loneliness, especially in the case of seniors who often find themselves unable to travel well BUT…

Don’t forget to unplug for bed and quiet time. Now, get chatting!!  Wikipedia lists most of the media sites in a table format and describes their audiences for you.

Online safety:

Always be careful, though. There are some unscrupulous people out there and you do not want to give away too much information about yourself. To learn more about creating safe passwords and login, check out this site.