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Nova Scotia Seniors – Ninety is the new Sixty?

Posted Jun 02, 2016

At age 78 Always Home Homecare President Georgia Lloyd’s father George Pothier has run over 95 marathons – and he didn’t take up running until he was 63!

Let’s hope so! We at, Always Home Homecare, have found ourselves amazed at how times have changed when it comes to the ever growing population of Seniors in Nova Scotia.

Most have become very computer savvy, increasingly active, knowledgeable about good nutrition and some are still in the active workforce of this country.

We have seen, not a couple, but many clients who are well over 100 years old – it was so rare only 15 years ago.

Advances in medicine and spiked interest in our senior population over the last decade or so have eclipsed the former “oh they’re just senile” and “medical research is wasted on them” attitudes of yore. Yes, even by the medical professionals.

There is no magical Tree of Life or Fountain of Youth. There is simply, better knowledge about health and preventative medicine than there used to be. We are living and staying active rather than just lying down and waiting for “the inevitable”.

It’s not inevitable anymore… Get up of that couch! Get to work…Either as a worker bee or as an active exerciser. Giving up is not an option!

Get back into business, consulting, carpentry, gardening, dancing, swimming, cycling, marathoning (Always Home Homecare knows someone well into his 70’s who runs the Boston Marathon every year), golfing, playing hockey, etc etc ad infinitum! Whatever floats your boat.

Of course, depending on health issues (and we all have them), you may have to modify your activities somewhat – shorter days and/or strides – but you mustn’t give them up. It is a cycle – the more we remain active, the longer we are strong enough to remain healthy and be active some more… and so on and so on.

Take lots of pictures and send them to your grandkids via email – speak to them in person or over the computer – let them see you and learn from you. We forget what sponges their brains are at an early age – they absorb everything!! They will take your lessons of life with them into their futures and when they are 130 years old, they will still be cycling, golfing and working.

Couch potatoing is not allowed – there is plenty of time for that when the “inevitable” gets here – much later than originally expected. Let’s make it count and soon, then 130 will be the new 100. Can’t wait!