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Nova Scotia Seniors – Mother’s Day

Posted May 06, 2016


What could I possibly give to Mom for Mother’s Day? There is nothing she doesn’t have already.

Well, the very best thing you can give her is time. Time with you, time with her grandchildren and time with some happy memories of family events from a lifetime lived.

Share in one of her favourite activities with her – gardening, golf, bowling or cribbage.

Bring her home for a day, take her out or eat in but spend the time. Bring the gang – the kids, spouses, siblings, the pets and the family photo album..

Bring flowers and wine, prepare or pick up a meal.

These are far more important to Mom than a new blender, I promise.

We live away and cannot go.

Hopefully Mom is set up on video feed and can visit you and her grandchildren on a computer. Send her a video of family, maybe singing a song to her or just shouting Happy Mother’s Day (she can play that over and over and show her friends). If computers are not an option for Mom, get on the phone and sing her a song or read her a Mother’s Day poem, tell her you love her and miss her

…So much more valuable to Mom than another knick knack.

Mom is in a home and immobile

Pick up a card and some balloons – crowd her room with loved ones – Bring a keepsake box with photos and items from her life with you and family – now more important than ever. If you are alone, bring her a favourite book and read it to her – this is truly an act of love.

A bobble is suddenly not important anymore.

Mom has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember me

She is still your Mom and it is now most important that you remember her. Simply spend time with her whether she thinks you are a stranger or a friend. The light she will have in her eyes for having someone caring to be with her, regardless of her condition, will mean all the world to her and she will always be grateful whether she can say so or not. You can still bring family photos and memorabilia – who knows it may spark a moment of lucidity. Tell her you love her regardless.

At Always Home Homecare, our caregivers are there to help look after our seniors of Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding areas, and are educated in terms of what counts.

Our caregivers see families who are so dedicated to their aging loved ones, it is awe inspiring. Unfortunately, there are also scenarios where many of our seniors in Nova Scotia and, I’m sure everywhere, have no family to visit or to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday or Merry Christmas.

If your loved ones have passed on, perhaps you can honour them on their days by visiting a senior whose day would certainly be brightened by visiting with someone who truly cares what happens to them – an adoption, of sorts.

It would not only be life altering for them, but for you too.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

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