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Nova Scotia Seniors Celebrating Earth Day

Posted Apr 18, 2016

EarthHourBeeEarth Day… who’d have thought! This great planet, our home, needs some help.

On the way to the trails, I ride my horse along an old abandoned road that seems to be a huge dumping ground for people who have no respect for the land. Old appliances, paddle boats, huge piles of old roofing tiles with many nails still attached and broken glass everywhere – it is such a sad sight!

This is right behind one of the largest residences housing our Nova Scotia seniors. I often ride up to the dining room windows where many of the residents come to watch and wave. This spectacular residence is atop a rise and stands out… once I can look beyond the garbage heap just down the hill.

It has come to the point where we need to act. Everyone needs to get involved and that includes seniors of Halifax who have seen these tragic changes to our, once pristine, planet.

What can we do? It seems overwhelming – saving a planet. What can the seniors of Nova Scotia and around the world do to help and will it even count?

Yes, it will – a lot of small contributions add up to one big helping hand for Mother Earth!

I am also a senior (not as strong as I used to be) and I too need to chip in. I decided that, given our dwindling Bee population, I am going to plant a small wild flower garden as my contribution this year. Easy – throw down some soil and some seed, I already have the spot picked out. In fact, I am excited to “garden” for the first time in my life.

Of course, there are other things we can do but one of the first is to learn about the threats – and keep them local to you, if you want – Google is fantastic! Which native species’ are headed for extinction? What is fracking and how does it affect the planet? Climate change and how is it changing the weather patterns? If you’re in the city – how’s the drinking water and how can you help with energy conservation?

Another way to help is to join (or form) an environmental group of your own – a few people around you – plan a yearly event – a communal gardening day or plant a single tree, host cleanups (I’m thinking of my abandoned road).

Talk about it to others – inspire them to get involved. You, as one of our Halifax Seniors can do this even if you are physically unable to get out to the garden yourself.

Also, you can turn off the electronics for an hour or two (while you`re in the garden, maybe). Every year there is an Earth Hour where we are asked to go an hour without power – shut everything down – take a nap, read a book by candlelight or just meditate on life. This event has grown in participation to 172 countries. It brings attention to the state of our little blue marble. It has inspired many countries to new forms of energy (solar/wind power) – sustainable energy – energy that helps keep the world intact. It is spectacular to watch the lights go out in an entire city.

We, at Always Home Homecare, have seen way too many of our seniors in Halifax fade and many times it’s because they simply decide that they are of no use anymore. That is simply not true!! Get engaged, lend a hand and you will find your purpose.

On April 22nd, Earth Day, 2016, global leaders are gathering to sign an historic climate accord. This comes about largely because of the efforts and “small” contributions made by us, as individuals, as we have clawed and fought for some much needed change. Bravo!