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Is Your Home Care Dementia Friendly? Defending Dementia with Dignity

Posted Aug 18, 2017

Living with Dementia, or a family member afflicted with this condition, is arduous and life changing. Receiving uninformed, inpatient responses from outside help can be acutely disheartening. Is your home care Dementia friendly?

How do I know if my home care is Dementia friendly?

Your home care should make you feel at ease, and be equipped with specific dementia care tools. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do the staff understand Dementia?
Staff should have specific training on Dementia care and communication. Always Home staff have training and experience working with clients with cognitive issues. They know how to recognize cues, how to communicate slowly, directly, and with patience.

Your helpers should never be condescending or argumentative. If they rush you (or a loved one), pre-judge their level of understanding, or talk to others around the Dementia client rather than to the client – they are not being Dementia friendly.

What can help?
Dementia care should focus around routine, diet, exercise, and creativity. Always Home Homecare staff are available to support changes in behavior, and redirect in times of distress while practicing patience and respect, with a Dementia friendly approach.

Is your home in need of Dementia friendly care?

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