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Blog Post: Spring Has Sprung – Let’s Get Gardening!

Posted Apr 03, 2017

Okay – It’s Spring – time to get outside folks… Go to the garden center – it is inspiring.

Gardening seems like hard work but once you see your seedlings pushing their heads through the earth, you’ll be hooked!

Some prefer flowers and old English gardens while others love producing their own fresh veggies right off the vine. It is a great activity for parents and their kids as well as for seniors.

The work produces well-earned rewards and is a healthy way to exercise… yes… exercise! It makes you fit – aerobically as well as for strength and endurance. Try to alternate light activities with heavier ones for 30-60 minutes a day. Do some stretching in advance – just as if you are going to the gym.

Gardening has a calming effect – it is almost meditative – you can get lost in it and even overdo it without noticing. It is addictive. Warning: You will sleep well at the end of the day.

If you are a beginner when it comes to gardening, there is a link below to the Farmer’s Almanac… where else?! Garden planners, planting & harvesting schedules Start small – start with only three or four items in a small area. Don’t plan a huge garden to start, even if you have the space – the weeding and upkeep of a large area will be daunting for a beginner. That being said, once hooked, there will be no end to what is possible – even with limited space. You may become such an addict, you will be building a greenhouse – gardening and starting seedlings through the winter months… oh my! Look where this has taken you… away from the TV and computer screens to a healthy and rewarding obsession. Yay!

So head out to that garden center – buy some soil and a trowel – for your health, both physical and emotional. Ask one of the experts on site, they’re already addicts and will be thrilled to speak with you – one addict to the next. Here’s that link – Farmers Almanac

Enjoy yourself!