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Just Wiggle Your Nose; My Personal Assistant

Posted Oct 17, 2017

I used to love to host parties. John and I would throw a party every Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, and even Saint Patrick’s Day. I remember spending hours just picking out centerpieces. We always had such a good time with our friends, dancing and making plans. But, after my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and my mobility decreased – the parties stopped.

Priorities changed. John couldn’t pick up supplies at the grocery store anymore. I had no time to plan outside of managing our home life. And, I just thought, well this is it. This is what the rest of our lives will be. Surviving, day by day.

So, I called Always Home Homecare for some respite care. I could manage most of John’s needs, but when it came to transferring him to and from places, I just wasn’t strong enough. And, they helped.

With each morning’s arrival, I knew that John would be well taken care of. But, it was just recently I found out they could help me too.

Now, when I say help – I don’t mean homecare. I can look after myself, and my husband most of the time. But, for the past three weeks I’ve had my very own Personal Assistant.

Her name is Lara, and I don’t know what I did before her. Well, that’s not true. I do know, and it wasn’t half of what we are doing now.

Yesterday she helped me make a list of all the items I need to throw a Halloween party. My daughter suggested it, and Lara is helping to make it happen.

Homecare in HalifaxThis morning she went to the store while I was having breakfast with John. She got everything we needed, even found me a witch’s hat with purple ribbon on it!

When she got back, she went through my address book and wrote out all my friends’ and families’ phone numbers, so I was able to call and invite them. And weren’t they shocked to hear from me!

The party is this Friday, and we have even arranged to have one of John’s homecare workers to come help out with him. I haven’t looked forward to something like this in years. I can’t dance like I used to, but I’ve been told I do a great witch’s cackle!

We will see how it all goes, and then maybe we will tackle decluttering my pantry. When I showed Lara the mess in there, she said “If you were a real witch, you could just wiggle your nose and make it all disappear”. But, I’m not, so until I earn my broomstick, Lara will do just fine.

Did you know Always Home provides Personal Assistants?