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Gift Giving Ideas for Halifax Seniors

Posted Nov 18, 2015

Gift-giving-halifax-seniorsThis year, give your senior relatives a gift they’ll really appreciate. Instead of another fluffy blanket or picture frame, consider one of these useful, thoughtful gifts for the seniors in your life.

Housekeeping services

Your elderly relative may want to keep their home spotless, but mobility issues could make it more difficult for them. Pay for six months’ or a year’s worth of cleaning services for your loved one so they can still enjoy a clean home without the hassle.

Favorite-thing-of-the-month gift

Subscription gifts are very popular, and they give the recipient something to look forward to each month. Does your loved one adore fruit, cheese, wine or something else? A gift of the month program could be perfect for them, and it would give you the perfect opportunity to see the smile on their face every time the gift arrives in the mail.

Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames can hold thousands of photographs and they take up very little space. Fill one with photos of the entire family and give it to your senior relative. You can always add to it as you need to, and your loved one can enjoy it all the time.

Gift cards

Does your elderly relative love to eat out at restaurants? Maybe they love to catch a matinee every now and then? There are gift cards available for many restaurants, shops and other places around Halifax, and these make great gifts for all ages, including seniors.

A cell phone or tablet computer with internet access

Thanks to many new senior-friendly cell phone designs, your loved one can keep in touch with you at the touch of a button. If they have access to the internet, a tablet computer with Skype installed will also allow them to video chat with you at any time. Most seniors are more savvy than you realize about these new technologies, so take advantage and give them the opportunity to stay connected to their loved ones in a new way.