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Forget me Not… Walking For Memories with Always Home Homecare

Posted May 05, 2014

You know how frustrating it is when you can’t find your keys? You’re digging in your purse, looking through jacket pockets, and hoping you didn’t lock them in your car… Well, imagine you don’t lose your keys – they’re sitting on the kitchen counter, right where you always toss them when you come through the door. But this time you can’t remember what they’re called.

We all have moments when words fail us, or we can’t think of someone’s name, but eventually it comes to us. What if it didn’t? What if every day you lost a little more of what you knew? It started with forgetting words, then names, then plans, then people… then yourself. What if you couldn’t even remember if you had lunch today? For the 17,000 people in Nova Scotia affected by Alzheimer’s, “what if” turns into what is.

Alzheimer’s strips away your memories and your mind. And, although there have been recent treatment developments, it is one of the most devastating diseases existing.

The Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia had its annual Walk for Memories on Sunday, May 4th in Halifax. This walk helps to fund Alzheimer’s research. Always Home Homecare was happy to participate. We walked for all of our clients, our families, and our friends. Raising money is just one small way to help in the battle to save memories. And this walk is a great way to shine a positive light on the disease.

Alzheimer’s has a dramatic effect on not only the one afflicted, but their entire circle. Supporting your loved one in any way can make a difference.

Whether you’re just popping by for a chat, or providing complete home support like Always Home Homecare does; your efforts matter.

It’s not easy to watch a loved one suffer with Alzheimer’s. They change. They forget their words. They forget to eat. They forget their filter. Sometimes, they forget who you are.

Don’t forget them.

If you need help supporting your loved one, we can help. We have trained, caring Home Support Workers experienced in dealing with Alzheimer’s who can be there when you can’t.