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BayRides – Volunteer Run Transportation for St. Margaret’s Bay

Posted Aug 06, 2015

Starting Now!

Affordable and Accessible Transportation Service

for all Residents of in St. Margaret’s Bay

Visit website for details:

Call (902) 820-6600 or email

Volunteer Drivers Wanted

The BayRides service covers a big area – from Hubley to Hubbards, and from Pockwock Rd.… Read More

Alzheimer Duck Derby 2015

Posted Jul 27, 2015

It’s that time of year again – the Alzheimer Duck Derby – hosted by the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

Last year in 2014, the Alz Society hosted this lottery style derby with great success. All funds raised went towards aiding Nova Scotian’s living with dementia.… Read More

100 Women Who Care

Posted Feb 27, 2015

100 Women Who Care donated $17,000 as a group to Alice Housing, in support of women and their children in abusive relationships. Georgia and a few members are pictured at the event.

Read More

Forget me Not… Walking For Memories with Always Home Homecare

Posted May 05, 2014

You know how frustrating it is when you can’t find your keys? You’re digging in your purse, looking through jacket pockets, and hoping you didn’t lock them in your car… Well, imagine you don’t lose your keys – they’re sitting on the kitchen counter, right where you always toss them when you come through the door.… Read More