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BayRides – Volunteer Run Transportation for St. Margaret’s Bay

Posted Aug 06, 2015

Starting Now!


Affordable and Accessible Transportation Service

for all Residents of in St. Margaret’s Bay

Visit website for details:

Call (902) 820-6600 or email


Volunteer Drivers Wanted

The BayRides service covers a big area – from Hubley to Hubbards, and from Pockwock Rd. to Dover. However, our bus cannot be everywhere all the time. So, we will be using Volunteer Drivers using their own vehicles to fill the gaps – a proven method used by over a dozen local transportation services around the Province. All rides are still booked through the BayRides dispatch office.


  • We are looking for Volunteer Drivers who live in the local area and drive to certain areas fairly regularly.
  • We will pay you a fair rate per kilometer – you volunteer your vehicle and time.
  • You need to make a regular commitment – for example: “I’m available Wednesday mornings or any day but Thursday.” We will work with you and your schedule.
  • You will meet people, make a difference, and not be out of pocket.

If you are a careful driver with a clean driving record, a safe and well maintained vehicle, and are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, please contact:

Ms. Alison Donovan,

BayRides General Manager

(902) 820-6600