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Alzheimer Duck Derby 2015

Posted Jul 27, 2015

It’s that time of year again – the Alzheimer Duck Derby – hosted by the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

Last year in 2014, the Alz Society hosted this lottery style derby with great success. All funds raised went towards aiding Nova Scotian’s living with dementia.

Here’s what a duck can do this year:

  • Connect Nova Scotians living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias to ongoing support
  • Educate the public on how to maintain better brain health
  • Give caregivers information and education so they can provide the best possible care
  • Fund research to find the causes, treatments and a cure

* * * *

So how can we all get involved with such a positive initiative? Adopt a duck!

Alzheimer Duck Derby
One duck is $10,

and a flock of

three ducks are $25.

Believe it or not, there are PRIZES for helping out our fellow neighbours… and they’re good! Click here for a complete list of the prizes offered.


Now for the RACE DAY!

On September 20th, 2015 in Bishops Landing, 10,000 ducks will be launched. The first 10 adopted ducks to cross the finish line will have their owner’s quacking with delight! Here’s the schedule, make sure to get a good seat for the race!

(There will also be a Duck Costume Contest for kids 12&under, with a $500 prize for education.)

Photo by Matt Leblanc