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Home is a Place – Aging at Home in the Maritimes

Posted May 30, 2015

What makes a home, a home? The answer to this question makes all the difference when confronted with the difficult decision of aging at home, or moving to an assisted living facility. Home can mean different things to different people. For some it is the people they share it with, for others it is the memories that make a home. Both views are correct, but it means the difference between thriving or not thriving when moving to a new home. For some seniors, this loss of home can be difficult to overcome. They seem to lose any sense of what home is, and the nostalgia that once gleamed in their eye fades.

Part of the many reasons why assisted living facilities and private home care services co-exist is because of these different definitions of home. Some seniors have been movers and shakers their lives through. Their idea of home was being part of a travelling family. As long as they are able to visit or be visited by their loved ones on a regular basis, they are no more content living downtown Halifax, than living in a senior complex.

For other seniors, their home has been the family home to more than a few generations. It is home base for many, filled to the brim with memories. The grandchildren’s annual heights have been recorded on the door frame, the old family tabby has been buried in the back yard, and many nights have been spent twirling in front of the fire.

Familiar surroundings are important to elders experiencing dementia. A change in surroundings can mean progressive symptoms associated with dementia. Some seniors will simply accept these new environments as their final resting place, which can be a very demotivating realization. Positive memories associated with a true home can bring comfort and happiness in the final years of a person’s life. It is the reason that many seniors choose to live independently in their later years. Those unwilling to sacrifice their family homes to save some money, may be seen as stubborn. But, we are talking pennies to the dollar emotionally!

Always Home Homecare sees these seniors as noble listening to their stories. We have listened and relived stories with our clients in the sun room that they’ve been sipping tea in for 40+ years! Senior home care allows seniors to maintain their independence, while ensuring quality of life is also maintained.


Aging can make the bathroom seem further away than yesterday, or trips to the grocery store seem daunting – no matter the reward! Always Home Homecare offers assisted living services in the HRM and surrounding areas. Ranging from weekly companionship visits, to full-time care, we aim to making aging at home as seamless as possible. We all need extra assistance as we age, but we should not have to sacrifice our homes to age gracefully.

Call us today to discuss the option of aging at home for you, or your senior loved one.