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Nova Scotia Seniors at Home

Posted Apr 07, 2016

StayingHome“Why can’t I stay home?” Seniors want to stay in their homes and not only is it beneficial to our health and safety it is more and more possible for our Halifax Seniors to stay in our homes longer.

Maybe there will come a time when we have to move to a care facility. With all the attention to seniors issues of late, vast improvements have been made and many are luxurious residences that offer fine dining and our choice of activities. Beautiful, really and when we are ready, we can take a look around.

However, there is “no place like home”. It’s our comfort zone – our loved ones, pets, our garden, kitchen and our own bed.

If you have ailments or conditions that have shifted in your life and have made it hard for you to remain in your own house, get organized.  If you have had to give up driving, sell the car, use the money for driving/errand services, there are companies where you can order your groceries online, get a life line and call in home care.

Always Home Homecare, a Veterans Affairs provider, is serving our seniors in Nova Scotia with a range of services from one visit/week – get your house cleaned, a couple of meals made and if you need some personal care, they can do that too. Or, you can have them in more often to help with just about anything and if you need it, round the clock care.

There is a definite correlation between staying home and remaining happier, healthier and living longer. The independence that comes along with staying home is invaluable – once we seniors start feeling like our lives are no longer our own, we can often give up.

There are those who absolutely need care in a facility but with all the new services, government programs and medical advancements, we are living longer, staying stronger and can do so in our homes for many more years than ever before. If you are a veteran, you must call Always Home (902) 405-4400. They can help you get in touch with DVA and get you organized with the care programs in place for our vets.

Here is a link to Nova Scotia Department of Seniors. It will introduce you to some of the programs offered to help us stay in our homes, happy and healthy for many years

What that means is, if we get the right help in place, there is no reason why we cannot live comfortably and securely in our own homes, maintaining regular family ties and friendships that help keep us healthy.

Now, go into that garden and start readying it for the Spring planting season!