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Nintendo Wii for Halifax Seniors

Posted Feb 05, 2016

DorisHalifax seniors need regular physical activity to stay healthy. Because of that, devices such as the Nintendo Wii are not just for young gamers.

Many Halifax seniors enjoy playing games on the Nintendo Wii, such bowling, golf, boxing, etc. This provides an opportunity to socialize, use cognitive skills and to be physically active.

Seniors can enjoy the accessibility of the Nintendo Wii and the fact that they can do activities on their own or with family members, friends or caregivers. Individuals who have dementia are able to play as well, when verbal/physical cueing are provided by their recreation therapists or caregivers.

While it is a fun activity there are certain things that should be done to avoid injuries (Wells, 2010) such as falls:

wearing proper footwear
using required safety devices
using necessary assistive devices

Persons who have an implanted pacemaker should consult their manufacturer or doctor before using the Wii as they may experience interference. Participants should also take a 10-15 minute break every hour (or if any pain/discomfort occurs) to prevent injury from repetitive motion.