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Meal Preparation and Cooking at Home Promote Senior Health

Posted Sep 10, 2015

Cooking at Home – From Meal Preparation to Good Eatin’!!

A good diet equals good health. Traditionally, our parents’ generation worked with what our Nova Scotian farmer’s had to offer. If that meant canning beans and making pickles to last the winter…they did it!

So…cooking at home…meal preparation…is it a long lost tradition or a revitalized practice?

At Always Home Homecare, we believe in the power of a home cooked meal, and here’s why:

Planning – With a little bit of forethought, you can have healthy meals the whole week through. Working within your diet, and suggestions from your family doctor, you can plan for all your favourites. What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch? Are you having leftovers for dinner? Don’t forget snacks!

Planning ahead insures there will be consideration for diversity.  Coloured vegetables, different seeds, and breads provide various types of nutrients. Your body needs this fuel to create energy and have a happy stomach. Here’s another simple equation: Happy tummy = Happy you!

If you see your caregiver daily, plan meals around suggested foods for your health. If you are with your caregiver a couple times weekly, be sure to prepare larger portions to cook and store for later dates. Microwave meals may be easy, but so is re-heating leftover’s – and it’s a lot more nutritious!

Grocery Shopping  – Write a list of all that need to make the meals you’ve planned for the week. Get what you can at your local farmer’s markets, or small-scale grocers. Harvest season is always an exciting time in Nova Scotia, and markets can be a great time to socialize and swap recipes.

Stretch your legs and head to the food stand with your caregiver. It can be nice having a companion to talk to, and help transport all the goodies to the car. Be sure to bring re-usable bags, or a luggage cart.

Cooking – Here comes the fun! Read over your selected recipe together and ensure you have all the ingredients to start. Divide up tasks, such as chopping or setting the table, if possible. Having a kitchen companion to help with taste tests is also an option!

If there is anything more wholesome than a home cooked meal, it’s preparing that meal together. And that’s a true Nova Scotian kitchen party!

Clean-up – No worries on this one, we’ve got you covered.

Leftovers – If you are only seeing your caregiver for one meal prep shift a week, it’s important to plan a larger sized meal. How else would you get all those tasty leftovers?

Store lasagna, casseroles, or Sheppard’s pie in freezer safe containers and remove pieces to re-cook when needed. Store soups and chowders in serving size containers and when needed, place on counter to thaw for the day (and then reheat).

So, let’s swap recipes? Give us a call at (902)-405-4400 to see how our meal preparation services will help you to live a healthy, well-rounded life.