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Homecare Help for the Sandwich Generation

Posted Sep 17, 2015

There is a term often used in the homecare world: “Sandwich Generation.” This refers to that generation of family caregivers who are not only looking after their children but who also find themselves looking after their elderly parents.

Most seniors do not want to leave their homes, and their families are worried about their abilities to take care of those every day requirements, from eating to paying bills, which leaves their loved ones no choice but to jump in when they are already running on overload.

Private Homecare is definitely an option when wanting to ease the burden of worrying about your loved one(s) when they are so anxious to stay in their own homes. Homecare can start out as one or two visits weekly to prepare meals, do some housekeeping, run some errands and help with personal care. As needs expand, so can homecare, which can go all the way up to 24 hour live-in shifts.

In the case of a veteran, often times, Veteran’s Affairs will cover the cost of home care requirements and even if the veteran has passed away, they will often cover a housekeeping shift or two per week for the spouse. That is sometimes, all that is needed.

If you find yourself now part of the “Sandwich Generation,” reach out and ask for the help you need. Explore the options that are available. Private homecare may be the solution you’ve been looking for.