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How the Driving Dilemma Impacts Seniors in Rural Nova Scotia

Posted Aug 05, 2015

The Driving Dilemma – It is very common that seniors, among others, especially those in rural areas of Nova Scotia, need the services of drivers.

For whatever reason, they are without a driver’s license and/or the use of a car and have no means of driving to do the things that most people take for granted every day… groceries, doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, bridge games and other social activities. They become shut-ins and lose their zest.

Family members try their best but are often working full time and are unable to help their loved ones with the chores and other driving needs.

Cabs, for the most part, are impossible to find in rural areas, charge exorbitant rates and expect payment immediately.

There are some shuttle services but those are usually taking people from one community to another and do not run local errands for those who just need to pop around to the grocery store.

Until this need is filled, please think of your neighbor who is somewhat housebound when you take a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy. Maybe even play a game of crib with them… you’d be surprised by the stories we know you will enjoy!