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The Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Diet

Posted Aug 17, 2015

Alzheimers_and_DietAs research continues on Alzheimer’s Disease, it is becoming apparent that diet can certainly affect the onset of this terrible affliction. A type of omega-3 fatty acid (DHA)may slow the growth of one of the two brain lesions that are associated with the onset, not just have a therapeutic affect but can actually help prevent it’s development earlier on in life.

Aside from DHA reducing levels of the Amyloid proteins that deposit on the brain, it helps slow the accumulation of Tau, a protein that leads to the development of neurofibrillary tangles. Such tangles are one of two signature brain lesions of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Vitamins are important too… I guess Mom was right all those years when she made me take my vitamin tabs. In particular vitamins C, D, E & the Bs.

The long and the short of it is this as it relates to Alzheimer’s Disease and everything else (seems like it applies to all things healthy)… Keep your brain (& body too) exercised, take your vitamins, eat plenty of red/pink fish through the week (along with other good sources of Omega 3) and enjoy your memories…. especially those of Mom and the Flintstone Vitamins and the glass of orange juice on standby when you were young.