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Care for Halifax Caregivers

Posted Jan 18, 2016

feat-assessmentsThe stress that Halifax caregivers fee when caring for a loved one can come in many forms – mental, physical, emotional, career, financial, etc. and can take it’s toll on the caregiver. The extra burden of providing this care can result in anger, anxiety, denial, depression, dissatisfaction with life, exhaustion, guilt, irritability and stress-related physical symptoms (Sonnenburg, 2010).

Care giving can also affect your career, personal relationships, emotional/psychological health, family life and availability of personal time. Some suggestions to alleviate these stresses are to take breaks, eat and sleep well, and to bring any new or ongoing health issues up with your doctor. It is also important to know your limits and seek out resources in the community that can provide you with support. This support can include someone to alleviate your care duties as well as counseling or support groups specific to caregivers where you can discuss the difficult emotions you experience as a caregiver (Sonnenburg, 2010).

As our aging population continues to grow there is going to be a higher demand for Halifax caregivers and other care support in the community. It is important that caregivers take the time to look after their own health concerns so that they are able to continue to provide this much needed and valued care.