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Back to School and Its Impact on Seniors in Halifax – Respite Care As A Solution

Posted Sep 23, 2015

Seniors_And_Back_to_SchoolFall is a busy time of year for a lot of Canadians, including seniors in Halifax, and as summer draws to a close it brings with it a lot of changes. Besides the weather cooling down, families are gearing up for big moves and back to school schedules. Although the older generation won’t be budgeting for text books, there will be new budgets on time. Back to school is busy for a lot of people, and seniors in Halifax can feel this impact as some of their primary caregivers and family support get back to their book learnings.

Getting an education is important, and it shouldn’t be something you have to compromise. For a lot of people, going back to school is a difficult decision because of their personal responsibilities outside the classroom. There are lots of single parents out there, working to support their children, as well as sons and daughters caring for their aging parents. But this time apart can be enriching for both parties. With the proper support in place, caregivers can feel guilt free about investing in their future, and maybe even teach Dad a few new things!

School schedules can mean lots of class time, depending on if you’re a part time or full time student. Either way, dedicating time inside and outside of class to your studies can be time consuming. Spending time to study should not be something to feel guilty about, but it can be if you’re worried about leaving your senior loved one alone. Getting some extra help around the house can be a blessing this time of year, whether it’s cleaning, making food, or being with your parents. Everyone in the family, including seniors in Halifax, can benefit from this help.

Even 3-6 hours a week can provide a lot of help. If you have someone to balance your limited care hours, think of the possibilities! Instead of cleaning the house AND putting Mom to bed, you can spend some time studying with friends at the library. Your new support staff can clean up for you, so that you can come home to a clean place. She can even help get your Mom ready for bed, if you need!

The point of respite care is to support the primary caregiver, and to alleviate any burdens. Knowing that your loved one is taken care of can reduce stress and allow you to focus on your studies with a clearer mind. So give us a call today at Always Home Homecare to discuss your schedule. We are flexible, and no contracts are necessary. We understand that circumstances can change day-to-day, and that people need space to see what works for them, and their families.

And for those sending kids and grandkids off to school, don’t forget the importance of time spent with family. We are living in the age of technology, where social interactions across great distances are possible. For some, this time of year means leaving the comfort of home, and traveling to the school that’s right for them. Many kids finishing off high school will choose to go to school out of province. This can mean great distance put between families, but as we said, we’re in the age of technology.

If you’ve ever used video calling, it’s an amazing invention. A little slow at times, but it can give you the ability to voice and video call someone across borders! This is a great tool to keep grandkids in touch with their grandparents, even when they’ve made the journey back to their place of learning. It would be a good time to teach your senior loved one a thing or two about using the computer. Get them a webcam, or check to see if their computer already has one installed.

If all else fails, voice calling is still an option. Give us a call for your respite support today!